I have been using Computer Barn for all of my computer needs for a long time. Any purchase or repair, I make sure to go there. Always fast and friendly. Very knowledgeable! Whether you're a gamer or a klutz, The Staff at the Computer Barn can help you out. I walked in this morning with a broken laptop and came out 15 minutes later, all fixed for a great price.
Alene W
My computer was in need of a quick diagnosis and fix and, thanks to the computer barn, I had it back within an hour with a new CPU fan (my Liquid Cooling broke, waiting on an RMA for a new one) installed all for about $40!
Quick, fast and cheap! Will definitely come back!

Silas M
I found Computer Barn personnel to be extremely forthright, cordial, fair, empathetic, patient and almost suspiciously without regard for their own profit in dealing with me and my chronic computer problems. I have an inexpensive Acer, bought at The Computer Barn.  When I bought it Computer Barn staff explained in detail the differences between the $300.00, $400.00,  and up to $800.00 laptops (my price range.)  No effort was made to convince me to buy the more expensive equipment.  When I bought the inexpensive model Computer Barn people spent many uncomplaining hours with me on the phone and during the conversion of my old files onto the new one. Their bill was approximately a quarter of what my neighborhood Boston bill would have been,  and there was no charge for several subsequent visits seeking answers to technological questions.

I need a company I can trust NOT to rip me off, and Computer Barn is it!! The staff members I have encountered at Computer Barn over many many years (a small business does not stay in business unless it is well regarded )all have been enthusiastic about instructing me,  caring that I understand their instructions and unhurried in their delivery.

Virginia C
I was very pleased with the service I received. The folks were willing to talk and discuss alternatives to problems instead of giving one solution and no alternative
Thomas D